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Splenda Side Effects
Is Splenda hurting you? Maybe. Making you fatter? Probably. Learn the truth about Splenda (AKA sucralose) and its connection to health problems and weight gain. Plus, take our Splenda self-test to find out if Splenda is right for you or bad for you.

How to Remove Bags Under Your Eyes
Our favorite evening and morning routines to get rid of puffy eyes and prevent them to begin with.

flat belly weight loss10 Best Weight Loss Food Rules
How do you really, really, really lose weight and keep it off? Simple. Trade in your bad eating habits for some good ones. Here are our favorite good habits when it comes to eating for weight loss. Simple, easy, painless and effective!

The Holiday (or any day) Bloating Cure
How to treat the awful symptoms of bloating, excessive eating, binge drinking, sugar overload and other indulgences. We have a list of remedies and supplements that will get you feeling better.

10 Weight Loss Foes
There are many, many factors that contribute to weight gain. Some may really surprise you.

Glycemic Index & Weight Loss
If you're not paying attention to the glycemic index, you probably should. It's crucial to effective dieting and weight loss.

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